Nothing reflects your lifestyle more than your home.

If you are in market to buy a manufatured home or modular home, Florida Modular Homes invite you to visit our model center loacted right here in Middleburg. Our model homes are fully furnished, which means you’ll have the opportunity to stroll through each of the rooms and imagine yourself living in a similar home.
Our clients tell us that visiting a fully furnished model homes helps them match their dreams to reality.

Following models  were previously showcased at our Middleburg Sales Center.

If you need any information regarding these models please give us a call at 904-589-9585

The Lake Charles

2280 Sq. Ft. | 4 Bedroom | 3 Bath
“Off Frame” Modular Home

The Kennedy

1800 Sq. Ft. | 3 Bedroom | 2 Bath |
“Off Frame” Modular

The Grand Cayman

2160 Sq. Ft. | 3 Bedroom | 2 Bath
“Off Frame” Modular Home

The Athens

1560 Sq. Ft. | 4 Bedroom | 2 Bath I 28×64 |